Men, women, adults, children … Paintball offers fun and excitement for ages 12 and over. Paintball is a popular activity for birthday parties and company outings. We cater to the beginner, and rentals are available.


  • 9:45 a.m. Check-in.
  • A detailed orientation is given before play begins.
  • After orientation, a series of 15-minute games will follow.
  • We offer equipment rentals.
  • We provide referees to ensure the games are fun and safe.
  • 1pm, last game of the day.
Our complete rental package is $65 per person and includes admission (9:45am-2pm), rental gun, face mask, armbands, 500 Paintballs, CO2, and staff to referee and oversee games. We are a RENTALS ONLY field.
Private games available for groups of 24 players or more. (No extra charge for Private games.)
Players must beĀ age 12 years and older.



Please contact us or call 541-388-0129 to schedule play time.