Paintball Goggles for Paintball ParadiseWe offer equipment rentals and cater to the beginner. Referees are also present to ensure paintball games are fun and safe. Additionally, please observe these safety guidelines:

  1. Paintball markers are not toys. Misuse can cause serious injury.
  2. Goggles approved for the sport of paintball must be worn at all times whenever involved or near paintball activities, including spectators.
  3. Goggles must be worn whenever paintball markers are pressurized.
  4. Barrel plugs must be in markers at all times when off the playfield.
  5. Do not play with a “Hot Gun”.  260-280 feet per second or lower is a safe speed.
  6. Use a chronograph to monitor the speed of all paintball markers.
  7. Always adjust paintball marker velocity before each use and on hot days several times throughout the day.
  8. Play at a professional paintball facility to ensure safety and fair play.